High heel factory

Making high heel boots and shoes since 1999

High heel factory

ExtremeHighHeels has been manufacturing and selling high heels online since 1999


Factory of high heels footwear.

ExtremeHighHeels manufacture and sell on-line high heels footwear since 1999.

High heels boots, sandals and shoes are hand-made in Spain with first quality materials.

Our clasical and femenine lines are made to be totally timeless, our designs are based on lasts with a minimum height of 10cm which they intend to offer to our customers the fetish shoe par excellence, basic lines but very refined that could offer high heel footwear balanced in curves and volumes, sensual and high quality. We offer all of our styles in sizes from 35EU to 48EU, it could be enjoyed by any lover of high heels.

All of our designs are manufactured too with extreme high heels and platforms, we manufacture extreme high heels from 10cm since one meter of height without losing its high quality.

We could do your boots made to measure customizing both of the design and the height of the heel and platform. We selection the best materials in Europe and manufacture by a handcraft method in Spain all of our high heels designs.

Our imagination has not limits, we could make whichever design or whichever height of heel or platform, we could make your shoes or boots made-to-measure, in anyone size. We could do reality the dreams most complicated that you are thinking. If you are looking for something special, hand-made with first quality materials, this is your site.

Our company has the experience of three generations of craftsmen shoemakers and is located in Spain in the area of greater concentration of companies in the sector of footwear and components, which allows us to work with the best and most current materials and components.

Pablo Beneit