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high heel chunky heel sandals Moon-P

High heel chunky heel leather sandals with platform.

sandals set in the 60s

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High heel chunky heel leather sandals with platform, manufactured in a 5,5" waist of last. All of our styles are manufacture by order and are hand-made in Spain with first quality materials. High heels directly from factory.

The wedges could be available in cork, in wooden or covered in leather, consult us.

We manufacture with a 5,5” last since 35 size to 48 size, could be customizable the design, colour and material.

On download area you could see more information about our height of heels and our last measures.

All of our styles could be produce with heel and platform, we could make the height of heel and platform that you would like. Our standard height goes to since a 4" heel without platform to one metre height with platform.

Next link you could see how you could take your foot measures to check your size according our last.

TUTORIAL VIDEO about how you should to take your foot measures.

  • 5,5 inches high heel height
    5,5 inches high heel height Measurement table of our 5,5 inches height heels according to the sizes.
  • Made to measure template
    Template to take your measures to manufacture the legs made-to-measure We make your high heel boots with your own measures